Thank you CAK!

August 17, 2023
Students at Olbolet Siana Hills Academy rely upon piped water from the nearby market where there is a 500L water tank. However, this source is very unreliable and often empty. They have been without water since the 2022-23 school year started and it will likely remain this way for several weeks, maybe even longer. When this happens, it forces students and staff to be absent while they fetch water from a nearby river, which is not safe for drinking, cooking, etc. but can only be used for cleaning and handwashing. 

The Christian Academy of Knoxville has helped raise funds for the following project proposal which should be completed soon!

Project Proposal: 
  • Installation of a 10,000 L water catchment tank
  • Piped water from the tank to the school kitchen
  • 2 handwashing stations

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