Navajo Nation - Water Delivery #3 (2024)

United States 400 beneficiaries The Navajo Nation
$4,922 needed (93%)
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On the Navajo Nation, most homes that lack access to clean water in the areas that DigDeep serves require off-grid solutions to running water. Our implementing partner, DigDeep’s, Home Water System, brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines, and consists of a 1,200-gallon polyethylene cistern buried underground, which is connected to a household water system. To date, DigDeep has installed almost 600 Home Water Systems across the Navajo Nation. Once the Home Water System is installed, it must be routinely filled to ensure consistent running water access. Four days a week, a truck outfitted with a 3,000-gallon water tank supplies water to households with off-grid Home Water Systems and other water storage tanks. For its water deliveries, DigDeep uses various water sources depending on availability. They use a combination of wells and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA, the Nation’s water utility) watering points. All water sources are safe and monitored by the state and by the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources as appropriate, all of which conduct and maintain the necessary quality tests, logs, and certifications. In 2023, we plan to bring 230 new Home Water Systems to families, each of which will need to be filled on a routine basis. Continued support from H2O for Life for this program will ensure DigDeep will be able to meet the increased demand for water deliveries, which is a critical part of ensuring reliable access to drinking water. On average, it costs approximately $53 to make one water delivery to a household on the Navajo Nation. That means that for every $636 dollars we raise, we will be able to bring clean, running water to another family on the Navajo Nation for an entire year. We are grateful for your consideration of continued support for the water hauling program.
"We are so grateful for H2O for Life’s continued partnership to bring clean, running water and sanitation access to all people living in the United States. We will continue to bring water and sanitation access to households across the US through our community-led projects on the Navajo Nation. Our partnerships play an important role in ensuring that we can do this work and we appreciate your support!

Together, H2O for Life and DigDeep have incredible potential to positively impact water security in the United States. At DigDeep, we believe that change happens when people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and identities come together with a common purpose. Thank you for being part of it."
Water delivery cost per month: $53 per family
Water delivery cost per year: $636 per family
Potential people served monthly with a gift of $5,300: 100 families

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