Navajo Nation Cistern Service: 50 Families

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The families our implementing partner, DigDeep, serves are some of the most vulnerable to coronavirus in America. They struggle to wash their hands and bodies. They are forced to break social distancing to haul water. They live far from healthcare facilities. COVID-19 has upended the lives of all Americans, and that includes our friends and family across the Navajo Nation.
DigDeep developed a “suitcase system” as a pandemic-related innovation... used as a means to get the majority of a Home Water System installed at people's homes so they had a faucet just outside when their staff couldn't safely work inside the home for health and safety reasons. DigDeep has now resumed its full Home Water System installations and is converting all of the "suitcase systems" into full Home Water Systems (piping the water indoors for household plumbing)!

They are hopeful that they can continue to work indoors and will not be installing more "suitcase systems" going forward (unless COVID requires it). BUT, they have an ongoing significant need for support related to filling the cisterns each month: all 400 households where DigDeep already installed a Home Water System or a suitcase system, and the 200 households that will receive a new Home Water System this year are (or will be) served on a monthly basis.

This specific intervention will support filling 50 home cisterns for 1 month, serving approximately 200 people.

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