Bbaale Borehole Rehab - Replaced by Kisowera Primary School

Uganda 300 beneficiaries Wakiso District

Project Complete!

Currently in Bbaale Mukwenda, community members are relying on an unsafe and unsanitary traditional well as their sole water source. The community‚Äôs water is contaminated with bacteria from wild animals and livestock, often causing adults and children alike to contract waterborne diseases. 
With this lack of safe, filtered drinking water, the community is in desperate need of a borehole rehabilitation to protect over 300 children and adults from preventable illnesses. By rehabilitating the borehole in Bbaale Mukwenda, we will make an immediate and critical impact on the health and safety of 40 local households.
The Ugandan Water Project, our implementing partner, will disassemble the existing hand pump, pull pipes from the borehole with the help of volunteer community labor, and take well depth measurements to determine the static water level and the borehole depth. After depth measurements are taken, the borehole is developed by removing any build-up which may have been inhibiting borehole recharge. Using the compressor and lengths of hose, air will be forced into the borehole, displacing and blowing out water, silt, and any debris that has accumulated over time. After the borehole is blown out, UWP will lower the cylinder, first pipe, and first rod into the borehole. A leak test will be completed by filling the entire first pipe with water and checking for water loss. Remaining pipes and rods will be placed in the hole with the help of community labor and after all pipes and rods are lowered, a member of the UWP crew will assemble the pump head.

Project Sponsors

November 8, 2022

Kisowera Project Complete

Thank you for bringing safe water to Kisowera Primary School, Lukojo, Uganda!

A borehole well is a simple hand pump well that typically ranges from 30 to 250 ft deep. Even...

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