Kasozi Primary School

Uganda 509 beneficiaries Nakasongola
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Kazozi Primary School is located in Nakasongola, Uganda, a dry cattle corridor. There are 500 students and 9 teachers currently at the school on a daily basis.
Students walk 2 miles one way to collect water from swamps where they face crocodiles and dangers from people. Most days, students go without food or drinking anything unless they were able to bring a small container of water from home. That water is still not clean. 
Our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap, surveyed for water to drill a well, but it is not possible in this village. Rainwater collection is the only option. Although it will need to be carefully conserved, the parents and teachers are committed to managing it well. They are excited to have water for drinking, cooking, and handwashing! The proposed plan is to install and protect two 10,000 liter rainwater harvesting tanks - a total of 20,000 liters of water! And, the school will be provided with ceramic water filters to ensure the rainwater is safe once it reaches their cup.

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