Tsiyinu Community School

Ghana 123 beneficiaries South Dayi District
Tsiyinu is a rural community located in the South Dayi District, Ghana. The population of Tsiyinu, according to the 2020 Ghana Statistical Authority, is 3,707. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming and hunting. The people are friendly and accommodating.

Tsiyinu Community School was established in 1990 by the Government of Ghana in partnership with the community. The school has not received any major development from the government since its establishment, so the community members always come together to support the school through communal labor. Being a small community and the only school in the area, the school population is currently 123 from kindergarten to grade 6. 
The school shares the only water source in the area, a reservoir, with the larger community. This negatively impacts teaching and learning since the pupils have to walk long distances and queue for hours to get water for drinking and washing.

Headteacher, Maxwell Ayivor said, “classroom work usually begins sometimes as late as 9:30 am due to the delay at the water site. This continues to negatively affect teaching and learning on a daily basis”.
The proposed project is to install PVC piping from the community reservoir directly to a new poly tank at the school compound. This will remove the long hours spent at the community water site and lead to more learning time in the classroom. The community will provide labor and much of the building materials (lumber/cracked stones), which can be found locally, to support this work. Our implementing partner, Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas, will be in charge of ensuring the success of this life-changing project.

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