Kawumba Primary School Latrines

Uganda 431 beneficiaries Mpigi

Project Complete!

Drink Local Drink Tap, our implementing partner, has been working with Kawumba Primary School and the community for many years. Kawumba school is in dire need of two latrine blocks (VIP- ventilated improved pit latrines) to help 431 students and teachers.
One of the old, failing latrines recently collapsed after heavy rain with someone inside. They are extremely unsafe!
Drink Local Drink Tap builds long-lasting, drainable latrines which cannot collapse and will last for decades. By building these latrine blocks, boys and girls can stay safe and healthy, be encouraged to attend school and feel proud of their environment. Going in the open without privacy and stepping in other peoples' mess can be an issue of the past with your help. 
January 18, 2023

VIP Latrines Complete

Thank you for trusting our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap, with your generous donation to help the people of Kawumba Primary School in Mpigi, Uganda. 

In funding two VIP (ventilated...

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