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Uganda 351 beneficiaries Wakiso
Serving 351 students in Uganda’s Nakyelogosa community, Dynamic Junior School currently relies on water from a nearby shallow well but continually finds its needs unmet.
While shallow wells always carry with them a high risk of contamination, this particular well also frequently runs dry, forcing students to make the long and dangerous walk to another water source. In order to protect the health of students and redeem critical classroom time, Dynamic Junior School is in need of a rainwater collection system that will provide safe water for drinking, handwashing, and more.
The Ugandan Water Project, our implementing partner, will erect a 10,000-liter polyethylene tank on a base made of brick, hard core, and cement. Once cured, our crew will then place the tank on the base and make an overflow hole in the top of the structure and attach a pipe to it that will extend six inches beyond the perimeter of the base. Crew members will also attach face boards to the roof of the building adjacent to the tank in order to create a suitable surface to which they can attach the gutters that will allow water to flow from the metal roof to the tank. Just before the outlet pipe reaches the tank, a “T” joint will be inserted to create a first flush, a rudimentary filtration system that reduces the amount of debris and contaminants that enter the tank. The crew will then construct a protective walk around the tank and first flush, as well as a tap stand located slightly downhill of the tank. The rainwater collection system will be paired with four Sawyer Point One water filters in order to ensure that all water collection from the tank will be safe for drinking.

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