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Mlowa Secondary School is 125 kilometers away from Iringa town in Mlowa Village. It is a day school for boys and a hostel for girls. Mlowa School has an enrollment of 646 students: 345 girls, 301 boys and 24 teachers/staff members. Malinzanga Primary School is nearby Mlowa Secondary. Malinzanga has an enrollment of 688 students: 365 girls, 323 boys and 7 teachers/staff members. Both schools face the same problem- lack of access to safe water! 
Students from both schools mostly depend on water from various springs and a small river around the village. This unsafe water causes many illnesses and endangers the health and wellbeing of the students and staff members of the school. The students also end up wasting a lot of time fetching water, rather than concentrating on their studies. This has a very negative impact on the education of the students and many end up dropping out of school completely.

There is a borehole well in between the 2 schools, but it is a challenge to access water as the system rarely works due to poor infrastructure. 
Our implementing partner, St. Paul Partners, will fix/rehab the borehole well so that it is in perfect working condition. They will then install a submersible pump to transfer water to tanks located at each school. Both schools will have plenty of safe water on-site for drinking, cooking and washing their hands. Access to safe water will have a significant impact on the health of the students, teachers and neighbors around the village. This project will also ensure that students will have more time in the classroom concentrating on their studies.

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