Idodi Primary School

Tanzania 953 beneficiaries Iringa
Idodi Primary School is located in Idodi Village within Iringa rural district. The school has a population of 953 students (446 girls and 507 boys) and 13 teachers/staff members. Access to safe water is the major problem the school faces on a daily basis. 
Students currently fetch water from a seasonal dam which is 1 km away from the school or from the village well which is 2 km's away. More often than not, they use the dam which is polluted and not safe. This unsafe water causes many illnesses and endangers the health and wellbeing of the students and staff members of the school. The students also end up wasting a lot of time fetching water, rather than concentrating on their studies. This has a very negative impact on the education of the students and many end up dropping out of school completely.
The overall objective of this project is to provide access to clean water for the students at Idodi Primary School. Our implementing partner, St. Paul Partners (SSP), will install a borehole well located directly on the school compound. This will ensure students have access to enough safe water which will lead to more time in the classroom studying. Access to safe water will also have a significant impact on the health of the students, teachers and neighbors around the village.

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