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Deep in Nakasongola, Uganda, Drink Local Drink Tap (our implementing partner) has partnered with the Irimba community for many years. As DLDT expands water service in this area, sanitation facilities need to also be completed. Irimba Primary School hosts children from multiple villages. Girls especially like to go to school there because of the DLDT toilets (ventilated improved pit latrine- VIP) and the water well (borehole). The last item the school needs is a latrine block (VIP) to host a few hundred boys. The girls received theirs a few years ago.
The boys currently have to go into an extremely unstable, about to collapse, latrine. Walking on the latrine platform or floor you feel as if you will fall into the pit. This makes many boys stay away from school or 'hold it' which causes long-term health issues like ulcers. 
By building a latrine block, boys can stay safe and healthy, be more encouraged to attend school and feel proud of their environment. Going in the open without privacy and stepping in other peoples' mess can be an issue of the past with your help. 

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