New well drilled

August 1, 2022
Wii Aceng Primary School in Uganda now has a working water well! Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, successfully drilled this new borehole well that will provide plentiful safe water on the school grounds.

The lack of water affected the entire community as most people were drinking from streams and water holes. The majority of these water sources were seasonal, meaning they would be completely dry during the hotter months. When this happened people were forced to walk the long distance to the well, the nearest source of clean water 15 km (9.3 miles) away. The situation at the school put a lot of pressure on the children. Teachers would ask the older girls to fetch water from the well. They would go knowing they would be missing out on important lessons while they walked the long distance to the well and back. 

The new well is used by the school and the local community who are thankful to no longer have to walk long distances for water.

"The headteacher, Mr. Nyeko Richard, thanked us for drilling the well, calling it a miracle. He is convinced that the school will experience fewer cases of children dropping out and he is hopeful the school will now be able to retain more female teachers."

Thanks to the following for making this possible!

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