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The Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls has been in operation for 13 years. Narok is located in the heart of the Maasai population- the largest number of Maasai people in one area. Nasaruni serves a very rural area that is dotted with family Maasai manyattas that live a typical Maasai life as extended family units. Until recent years, most Maasai girls were not attending school. Nasaruni Academy began with one small building serving 13 girl students. The school has grown, adding classes to grade 8, and now serves over 120 students. Young Maasai girls are often married off at a young age, and without an education do not have the knowledge and skills that lead to educational opportunities. By providing access to school, these girls are able to participate in education and will soon have access to a new secondary school currently being built on the campus. Girls will continue their education through high school and be better prepared for the future. Nasaruni Academy is helping girls and their families write a new future full of hope, health and empowerment to lead to success.  For the school to attract high-quality teachers who will remain on-site for multiple years, teacher facilities must be addressed. 
The houses are being constructed now (house construction is not part of this project) to host teachers in more suitable conditions. Currently, the 7 teachers that are on staff share 1 toilet and 1 shower structure which is inadequate. Nasaruni will be expanding to house 14 teachers with the addition of a high school, currently in progress. Some of the teachers also have their children living with them adding stress to the already inadequate facilities. 
One teacher, Joshhat, stated: “The teachers at Nasaruni Academy must live on campus due to the distance and danger of traveling. This benefits all that the school atmosphere is much like a family. Most students live on campus. We play sports together, eat together and interact with each other in a caring community. Girls are mentored in academic and non-academic ways 24/7. Additionally, teachers work with students in the evening and on weekends. Nasaruni is noted for its caring and nurturing environment.” 
The project will provide the addition of a large rainwater catchment tank, toilets and showers that will provide the additional resources needed for the teacher’s quarters. These facilities will provide all the water the teachers need for cooking, drinking and cleaning as well. This project will directly benefit the teachers and the entire surrounding community through the attraction of quality teachers, retention stability and will support increased access to education.
The onsite board of directors and the school management team will oversee the project from start to finish. Alice Sayo, board chair, and lead educator has displayed management skills that have grown this school from 1 small building to a school with 8 classrooms and a dormitory for students. Bishop Moses Sayo will be the project manager for this project. The project budget and plan have been approved by the County Engineer of Narok County and the budget has received their required stamp of approval needed to begin the project. 

Training for the maintenance and operations of the project will be led by the school maintenance person, hired by the school, and trained by the implementing project manager. Oversite will be provided by the school management team which includes the headteacher who lives onsite.

Project Sponsors

Rotary Club of White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake, MN

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