St. Kizito Nankonge Primary School - replaced by Mivule Parents Primary School

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After the pipes at the St. Kizito Nankonge Primary School borehole developed holes, the students and community members who relied on its abundant water supply began to have difficulties when using the handpump. Now that the well has completely broken down, its users have been forced to return to a protected spring that is made dangerous not only by the contamination of its water, but also by the busy road traffic, steep slope, and dense vegetation along the route. By bringing in a crew to repair the broken parts of the St. Kizito Nankonge borehole, upgrading its materials to stainless steel, and working with the community's leaders to train them in how to care for it, we will restore this safe and reliable water source for the 400 students and community members and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.
Our implementing partner, The Ugandan Water Project, will disassemble the existing hand pump, pull pipes from the borehole with the help of volunteer community labor, and take well depth measurements to determine the static water level and the borehole depth. After depth measurements are taken, the borehole is developed by removing any build-up which may have been inhibiting borehole recharge. Using the compressor and lengths of hose, air will be forced into the borehole, displacing and blowing out water, silt, and any debris that has accumulated over time. After the borehole is blown out, UWP will lower the cylinder, first pipe, and first rod into the borehole. A leak test will be completed by filling the entire first pipe with water and checking for water loss. Remaining pipes and rods will be placed in the hole with the help of community labor and after all pipes and rods are lowered, a member of the UWP crew will assemble the pump head.

Project Sponsors

November 14, 2022

Successful Borehole Rehab at Mivule Parents Primary School

Thank you for bringing safe water to Mivule!

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  • Based on community reports, approximately 171 students and staff use the borehole you sponsored as one of their main sources...

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