Abundant Grace Junior School

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This school just opened in 2016, but there is no water source at the school for students or staff. The students fetch water from a “traditional well” – a dug pit in the ground that 200 other community members also rely on for water each day, and in the dry season, water supply is limited. The water is polluted, surrounded by dense vegetation, and located at the bottom of a steep slope. For these young primary school students, fetching water is dangerous and takes them away from time spent learning in class.
Project Proposal: Installation of a rainwater collection system (RCS) on school grounds, 2 hand-washing stations, and community WASH education.

Project Sponsors

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Glenbard West High School

Glen Ellyn, IL
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Jackson Middle School

Orlando, FL
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Project Wisdom

Wake Forest, NC
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Sissonville High School International Club

Charleston, WV
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September 26, 2017

Thank you for bringing safe water to Abundant Grace Junior School!

Thank you for bringing safe water to Abundant Grace Junior School, Uganda.

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