Teacher & Student Testimonials

“The students here have become international thinkers and developed a belief that they can change the world.” Jason L., Teacher, Guion Creek Middle School, Indianapolis, IN

“Our main mission is to develop a global perspective and this is just an awesome tool”  Ben Butters, PE Teacher Matoska International IB World School, White Bear Lake, MN

“I personally loved having my students try to help people they do not know, so that they will learn to help others even if they receive nothing in return. Your program is a great way to establish this!” Amanda F., Teacher, Baton Rouge International School Teacher, Baton Rouge, LA

“I realize that you did not have to be a famous or important person to make a change in the world. As long as you were determined and willing to work hard, you could make a difference”. Siena, Student, Westridge School for Girls, Pasadena, CA

“It made them think more globally which I think is a really great bridge for them as they are starting to move off to college in the next few months.” AVID teacher

“I was immediately impressed with the ease of communication and H2O for Life’s willingness to come to me and help me with the curriculum. It’s been a really rewarding experience for me as a teacher and my students as well.” AVID teacher

“I feel like this prepares me for college because I’ve never thought outside of my own life before and when I get to college I am going to meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds” 12th grade student

The culture has shifted in our classroom because of H2O and our service-learning project. The kids had to figure out how to complete a big undertaking together. They learned very quickly that none of them could do it individually that they needed to rely upon one another, it was truly collaborative as opposed to group work.” AVID teacher

“From an AVID perspective it fit in really well with the research component that they are required to do. It was also  really flexible in terms of adding in a lot of public speaking, writing, reading, critical inquiry, and organization all of the pieces that AVID wants… this hit all of those things but in a meaningful way” AVID teacher

“If I were someone who didn’t have water right at my disposal that is all I would be focusing on, I would not necessarily be caring about my education because that’s not what matters it’s not what’s keeping me alive….. We are the purest form of activism because we care about this one issue and we are doing whatever we can to fix it.” 12th Grade Student

“It is fun to do this program because you get to work together as a team and see the difference that you made.” 5th Grade Student

“Water is something that if we all work together even if you give a little bit you might be inspiring someone else to give a little bit. We can solve this problem!” 5th Grade Student

“At the end of the Water Walk it made me feel like I experienced something that those students have. I can experience their daily life also.” 5th Grade Student

“It has made me more willing to help people. I thought everybody had everything that they needed but when I found out that a lot people didn’t have clean water I wanted to help them because I didn’t want people living in a world where they were suffering from unclean water.” 3rd Grade Student

“It has made me really empathetic and willing to help other people because if I help maybe other people will have a better life and that makes me happy.” 4th Grade Student

“Water is a need and it’s a very important need. Plants, animals, and people we all need water and we all want clean water. Not only globally but we are seeing more and more need in our environment. We need to work together cooperatively. We are one earth.” 2nd Grade Teacher

“H2O for LIfe offers benefits to not only the kids in schools that have water and sanitation needs. The benefits also impact our kids and how they look at the world globally, giving them a global perspective on the needs around the world, a sense of gratitude for what we have here available to us, a sense of service and purpose in helping other people globally. Elementary Principal

“We have about 63% of our kids on Free/Reduced Lunch and we do things to support our families. We think it is vitally important for our students to realize even though some of them live in really challenging situations that they still have the opportunity to give to others. What that does for our kids, to see that yes they might have a challenging situation but they do have the ability to give back to our society and to other people.” Elementary Principal

“H2O for LIfe is a fascinating organization that is doing good work to educate kids,  to help people, to teach service, kindness, love, respect and responsibility. How that helps to develop the whole child is something I believe is so valuable to our school.” Elementary Principal

“H2O for Life has such an impact on students lives not only just for a little while but their future, it effects their whole future. Our students learn about kids their own age walking for miles and hours to drink this dirty water and it helps them to see that there is another world out there besides what we have here.” Middle School Teacher

“The kids get so excited about doing this because they see the impact they can have and they just want to do more and more. It really helps them to be more of a global citizen and learn about what their civic responsibilities are. They learn, I don’t just have to take care of myself,  I need to take care of my family and my community but also the world. As a 6th grade, a 12 year old, to know that they can have an impact on another 12 year old half a world away, that is so empowering to them.” Middle School Teacher

“I love how excited the students get about the impact they have made” High school Teacher

“I learned why it’s important to use my resources to help others. It feels good to make a difference for other students.”Quinn, Student

“This project makes me want to do even more to help. Our hard work is paying off!”McKenie, Student

“I was able to teach other kids about our project and the Water Crisis. That felt really good.”Robert, Student