Chatter High

The Ultimate Mindfulness Project

From January 7 to February 22 ChatterHigh will donate up to $750 toward every school’s H2O for Life service learning project. The partnership creates The Ultimate Mindfulness Project where students explore and learn about their own path to college, while learning and providing support to schools in developing countries. And the best news…it’s all FREE.

How it Works

1. Create a free service learning project! Start your campaign by visiting H2O for Life or by contacting Danielle at

2. Create a free ChatterHigh classroom by visiting ChatterHigh or contact Carl at

3. Start exploring, learning, and earning. For every 150,000 points students earn on ChatterHigh your school will receive $75 toward their water project. (Up to $750 per school).

It’s the ultimate and mindful way for students to participate in a service project and raise funds just by learning.

Please share this with your social studies department, service clubs, environmental sciences teachers, and any other members of your school that may be interested.

ChatterHigh’s free learning resource provides a daily, 10 minute, 10 question, gamified e-quiz for college exploration in grade 6-12 classrooms. We empower students to make more mindful decisions and create America’s most informed students.

H2O for Life provides a free service-learning opportunity for schools in the United States that helps teachers and students raise awareness about the global water crisis while taking action to provide funds for a water, sanitation, and hygiene education project for a partner school in the developing world.