Language arts

The Water Princess Grade 3-5

Global 45 minutes
Learning Targets
  1. I will think creatively to come up with a solution to Gie Gie’s water problem.
  2. I can form my opinion and defend it.
  3. I will create a physical example of my solution.

  1. Show students where Burkina Faso is on the map! It is good for them to understand the place-based story.
  2. Have them predict what they think will happen in the story, based on the title and cover.
  3. If you think it would be helpful, have each student take a part in the story: one Gie Gie, Maman, narrator. Read multiple times to give students the chance to participate.
  4. Brainstorm together about solutions to Gie Gie’s problem! 
  5. Introduce the project of writing an opinion piece about why their solution is the best. If in groups, you can decide if each student will write their own or if they do one paper together. 
  6. Then challenge students to create a physical example of their solution.