Asante Sana!

May 15, 2019
Dearest "Ubuntu":
I am excited to report that our first ever WATER WALK for H2O for Life raised a grand total of $9,126.25 specifically to benefit our commitment to the water and sanitation projects at Ikoli Primary School in western Kenya. Thus, I believe that we can safely chalk up our first Water Walk as a success in spite of the rain! 
The $3,488.25 collected beyond our pledge amount can be applied to other school’s projects where fundraising efforts may have fallen a bit short, ultimately helping to bring those water projects into fruition in addition to the ones at Ikoli Primary!

 ALSO, we have five students that individually collected over $250 each (in terms of pledges) and their names will soon be released when a small token of appreciation arrives for each of them...
Over the next couple of days I will bag up the student-made "African" beads (eight per walker) had the rain not prevented us from walking the full eight proposed quarter mile rotations of Pier A. Students can then assemble those into necklaces or bracelets as they chose as a remembrance of their individual commitments to help ease the burden(s) of the world's water crisis!
We could not be more proud of our HCS community AKA our "ubuntu" --  
You're the best!
Asante Sana!
SK Duff/Ian Costello
Hoboken Charter School "WATER WALK" Coordinators

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