May 8, 2019
We are almost halfway there having met 48% of our goal which translates to $2,685 raised thus far for our water project for the Ikoli Primary School in western Kenya...  
Yesterday the Ubuntu kids and upper school Ambassadors made a surplus of beads together... ...Because for each 1/4 mile that a student walks on Friday, they will get a student-made bead replicating specific styles of beads from Africa as incentive to keep walking...  Tomorrow I will distribute strips of waxed cord for teachers to distribute on Friday to hold the kids' beads at the walk itself. We'll tie the cord to belt loops OR safety pin it to shirts if there is no belt loop. Look for cord and pins to arrive on Thursday for you to distribute to your classes on Friday for the walk itself... 
Kids are involved from many angles... Everyone is doing their part! AND today I received word from Steve Hall at H2O for Life that our project has just been completed! AND pictures will be forthcoming... 
So much good news! Keep up the good work and momentum my HCS ubuntu! It looks like we will be able to repay the loan to the NGO who advanced the funds to make the project possible based on our commitment. 
ALL bests my Ubuntu,
SK (Duff)

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