H2O Elective has raised $1600 in their first week!

September 16, 2018
Our H2O elective is VERY busy as we enter our fourth week of school.
We have currently 7 fundraisers going on at our school this week.

Krispie Kreme-O-Grams--write your student a note to wish them success on
                        their final exams in mid-November; notes and donuts passed 
                        out on day 1
Bottle Drop Recycling Program--each bottle or can equals 10 cents
Snack Attack Sale--advisory time on September 19
Water Drop Sales--$1 to $3 equals a drop in the bucket!
Wristband Sales--H2O for Life on the outside and Riverdale, Happy Blessed, India
                       Relief on the inside
Homecoming Dance on September 22
Custom Tees arriving on September 22