Madelyn Rhodes and Megan Dahlerup

Imagine waking up thirsty. You have been thirsty for days on end. You must go tend to your crops, and give them the water you took from the river yesterday. There is none left for you. You know if you drink the water, your crops will die and you would suffer from hunger, too. You are so thirsty you cannot think, let alone work. This is the situation millions of people are going through around the world, and you can help fix that.

Madelyn Rhodes and Megan Dahlerup are fundraising to help the water crisis. The water crisis is a huge issue that we need to fix. The global water crisis is a human rights issue our society needs to fix because people don’t have the right to life because they are dying of disease from water, dehydration, or their crops don’t have enough water, they don’t get educated because schools don’t have water, but there are solutions to this problem.

According to seametrics.com, 780 million people live without clean drinking water, more than one third of Africa's population lives with out access to safe drinking water, and water demand is predicted to grow by 55% by 2050.

But YOU can help fix this problem. By donating money, you can help children go to school. You can help families grow crops to eat. You can help people not get sick off of diseased water. All you have to do is donate money to our cause. Simply press donate, choose the amount you want to donate, and you could be helping a family in Africa avoid dying of dehydration.


Amount From Date
$25.00 Heather Douglass 11/16/17
$50.00 Miriam Hill 11/3/17
$20.00 Harry Schlieff 11/2/17

Madelyn Rhodes and Megan Dahlerup

I raised $95.00