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April 28, 2017
H2O stands for help to others. And please come and buy candy so we can raise money for H2O.
- Clara Marozick

Have you ever thought about family’s or kids that don’t have clean water well think, cause the 3rd grade class will raise money for H2O by doing a candy store on Wednesdays  and Fridays.  Please buy candy so we can raise money for families and kids around the world that don’t have clean water. Thank You.
- Madalyn Olmanson

H2O is for people that don’t have any water and we are going to help and if you want to help you can donate to H2O.
- Lexi Johnson

I would love to help people get money to make a well so people in Africa could have clean water to stay healthy and not get sick. Please help H2O.
- Abby Plahn

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