Eagles Field Day

September 29, 2017
H2o update 686
CHCA's Student Organized Service (S.O.S.) group recently held a Field Day fundraiser event, "H2O for Life" for younger CHCA students. The goal of the event was to educate Grade 4-6 students about the water crisis in our world in an interactive and engaging way, while also introducing them to Upper School S.O.S. leadership opportunities.

This is the third year S.O.S. is joining efforts with the H2O for Life Organization to build the awareness of the water crisis and provide help to bring clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education to the schools in need. This past year, they had success in meeting fundraising goals to help the students at the Wangui Primary School in Nigeria. CHCA students learned so much about making a difference in the water crisis from the service learning activities in which they engaged. S.O.S. plans to continue to participate in this meaningful project, getting more students in the school community involved in order to increase this year's fundraising goal for the Ebukanga Secondary School in Kenya.

CHCA junior, Leon Bao, along with fellow juniors, Sidhu Thunga and Sam Vanderkolk, organized the recent Field Day event. The fee was $15 per student with all proceeds dedicated to helping a school in Kenya build clean wells and toilets. Twenty-one students came to the event, raising over $300 for H2O for Life. 

"I am particularly proud of our H2O for Life leaders who worked incredibly hard to make this event happen," says Student Outreach Coordinator, Karen Hordinski. "When faced with adversity in advertising the event, they pressed on and called each grade 4-6 student's home to invite them to participate! It was the student leaders' passion to do three things that made this a success: they desired to provide a community building event, to spread awareness of the water crisis in Kenya, and to earn funds to support the purchasing of toilets for a school. Their passion inspired them to work hard to meet their goals. A great demonstration of leadership, service, and faith."