Another day selling to the lower grades!

May 4, 2021
April 29th 

Hi my name is Zoey Lynn Zevenbergen and I worked at the candy store on April 28. We were raising money by selling candy and It was really fun! I can’t wait to do it again. Plus we are raising money by selling donuts and doing a walk for water! I hope you can come to our candy store!


Hi my name is Julia, I worked at the candy store. At first it was only a little people buying from the candy store, but then a whole lot of people started buying. It was lots of fun working the candy store! It was a hot day, and even some chocolate bars started to melt! It was a lot of help with four people working the candy store then three. We made 245 dollars! I have one more thing to say thank you! 

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Project Updates

  • Walk for Water and Ice Cream Sales!
    May 16
  • Last day for candy sales.
    May 13
  • Surprise customers!
    May 13
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