Olivia Ellis

There is an urgent need for implementation of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education projects (WASH in Schools) for schools around the world. The addition of WASH facilities improves the health and learning performance of students by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases. Student attendance and time in class also increases when facilities are available on school grounds. I will walk a mile for every donation made and send a personalized thank you to the donors. Thank you so much for your support!

Projects Supported


Amount From Date
$50.00 April Paffratg Wed, Apr 22
$35.00 Lisa Koland Tue, Apr 21
$50.00 Chelsie Moore Sat, Apr 18
$25.00 E C Paffrath Fri, Apr 17
$50.00 Dawn Mitchell Thu, Apr 16
$25.00 Anonymous Thu, Apr 16

Olivia Ellis

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