Steve Hall

Due to COVID-19, many H2O for Life schools are unable to raise funds for their partner schools around the world as they had planned. This campaign is to raise funds to complete the water, sanitation and hygiene education projects that have been pledged. We're all in this together, so it's time for everyone to be a helper. Let's all do our part to contribute to the common good so that when this crisis is over, we're proud of how we came together.

Whether you are in a position to give or not, please consider joining the team by creating a personal fundraiser and/or participating in our Virtual Walk for Water here, (copy and paste the url into your browser)

Thank you!

Projects Supported


Amount From Date
$25.00 Jay Caballero Wed, Apr 22
$25.00 Erin Wilcox Wed, Apr 22
$25.00 Jess Fleming Wed, Apr 22
$50.00 Jenny Dixon Fri, Apr 17
$50.00 Julie Soltau Fri, Apr 17
$25.00 Maggie Eisfelder Fri, Apr 17
$50.00 Kathleen Domschot Thu, Apr 16
$25.00 Heather Madison Thu, Apr 16
$50.00 Kevin Malani Thu, Apr 16
$25.00 Lauretta Hassan Thu, Apr 16
$50.00 Kathleen Kraemer Thu, Apr 16
$100.00 Nicole Brigl Thu, Apr 16
$25.00 Anonymous Thu, Apr 16
$50.00 Steve Hall Mon, Apr 6

Steve Hall

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