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From inspiration to impact, now is your chance to be the key to unlocking the door for the next generation of global changemakers. These are the folks who will beat the world water crisis!

Since 2007, H2O for Life has been in the business of inspiring good kids to become great leaders who make an impact on our world today. In the past year alone, we have
  • Engaged over 20,000 students at 83 schools in meaningful service-learning experiences
  • Provided clean water and sanitation to 30,000 students at 68 schools globally
  • Inspired 15 high school students through our fellowship program
  • Provided a total of $10,000 in PPG sponsored mini-grants to 36 H2O for Life schools

But our work isn’t done! With your support, we can raise $40,000 by the end of this year. This will allow us to engage 40 local schools and, in turn, provide water access to 7,500 students globally.

“I know that the organizing I’m doing, the fundraising I’m doing, all of it is going towards the cause. That’s really important; that is really doing something. I’ve seen other students come up with ideas and find a passion in these projects and really put their whole heart on the line for these things… it’s all about finding opportunities to make an impact and then the impact will come.”
-Aubree Klein, student at Mounds View High School, Mounds View, Minnesota

“...Because we have this facility, we are going to be able to have 100 girls and 50 boys this year, 2023, enrolled in our vocational school here in Luuka District. They are going to learn skills that are going to help them improve their livelihoods and empower them.”
-Marie Corrazon, Executive Director, See Them Grow Foundation, Luuka District, Uganda

It only takes $1,000 to get one U.S. school involved, which will, on average, leverage over $4,200 for water, sanitation, and hygiene projects across the globe – a 420% return on investment that will impact more than 200 students.

Would you consider making a donation?

Your support is what makes our mission possible. 

Together, we can continue to inspire today’s students to become impactful changemakers because that is how we will beat the world water crisis! 

By giving today, YOU can be the key to unlocking that change.

Thank you, 

Doug Niemela 
Executive Director 
H2O for Life 
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