Clean Drinking Water for Ukraine

Campaign Complete!

$2,920.00 raised
There is an urgent need for supplies to provide clean drinking water for individuals and families in Ukraine. The bombing and shelling have broken pipelines, destroyed water treatment plants, and generally disrupted access to clean water for thousands upon thousands of Ukrainians. You can help by providing a donation to supply filters for the people of Ukraine.
A $25 donation will provide 2 filters. Each filter is able to purify 2 gallons of water in 7-10 minutes and can filter more than 200 gallons per day.
Please consider a donation. The filters will be sent to distribution points in Poland, Romania, and Western Ukraine and will be distributed by local Rotary clubs and volunteers that are on the ground in the areas of need. Please consider a donation. We will begin sending filters immediately and will continue sending shipments as funds are available.
Amount From Date
$2,000.00 Bonnie Sommerville 6/27/22
$50.00 Steven Griffith 6/15/22
$25.00 Rachel McEwen 6/14/22
$20.00 Ken Galloway 6/14/22
$25.00 Nora Slawik 6/14/22
$100.00 Tim and Terri Wald 6/14/22
$25.00 Heather Vlieger 6/13/22
$100.00 Paul Keleher 6/8/22
$100.00 Michael Ericson 6/1/22
$100.00 John Channon 5/31/22
$100.00 James Hunt 5/25/22
$50.00 Jerry & sylvia McGinty 5/24/22
$100.00 Karen Holmen 5/21/22
$50.00 Carol Nelson 5/21/22
$25.00 Christina Streiff Oji 5/21/22
$50.00 Patricia Hall 5/21/22