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Hello friends!
H20 is a foundation focused on one of our basic needs, water- and all that trickles down after sustaining a clean water supply. Actual human lives can not only be improved, but saved from clean water. Help me care for others by donating to this Earth Day fundraiser. I’ll carry a gallon of water on a hike through the Cuyahoga National Valley, and for every $50, I’ll add a mile; Starting with my own donation of $25 for a 1/2 mile!

Feel free to join me, or to start your own fundraiser with people you know who would appreciate this cause! Not to mention- All donations to this campaign will be MATCHED by H20 partners!


There is an urgent need for implementation of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education projects (WASH in Schools) for schools around the world. The addition of WASH facilities improves the health and learning performance of students by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases. Student attendance and time in class also increases when facilities are available on school grounds. Please donate to my fundraiser. Anything you can give is a huge help!


Amount From Date
$50.00 Anne Bushman Fri, Apr 23
$25.00 Zlatko Coralic Thu, Apr 22
$25.00 Maggie Bizon Thu, Apr 22
$30.00 John Kreste Thu, Apr 22
$50.00 Mary Hooper Thu, Apr 22
$25.00 Dan Andrews Thu, Apr 22
$25.00 Leonard Kosta Tue, Apr 20
$20.00 Kelsey Tankersley Tue, Apr 20
$25.00 Julie Benjamin Tue, Apr 20
$25.00 Stefanie Chips Mon, Apr 19
$25.00 Debbie Hawk Sat, Apr 17
$10.00 Nicole Peyton Thu, Apr 15
$25.00 Miriam Fedorovich Thu, Apr 15
$25.00 Amanda LaGuardia Wed, Apr 14
$15.00 Stephanie Krawulski Wed, Apr 14
$25.00 Katie Fordosi Wed, Apr 14
$25.00 Fuad Yahya Wed, Apr 14
$25.00 Alexandria Shank Tue, Apr 13
$25.00 MB Hooper Tue, Apr 13

MB Hooper

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