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With free lesson plans & easy fundraising tools, H2O for Life offers a service-learning opportunity designed to engage, educate, and inspire youth to help fight the global water crisis.

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Sometimes we feature updates about H2O for Life projects. We also like to showcase students and teachers who are engaging, educating, and inspiring youth to become global citizens.
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Butimba and Kikonda Primary Schools
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July 19

Well Rehab Complete

A new system of pipes, rods and a pump with handle were installed. There are two local schools with over 1,000 students and the villages have approximately 400 households that will benefit from this project.

Here is Grace's Story:
At 6 am, dust swirls around her feet as she walks the 2 mile dirt road, shifting the 5 gallon jerry can from hand to hand. She arrives at the river where she waits in line to fill the container. Once she takes her turn, she struggles to make the journey home. The jerry can weighs almost 45 lbs and 8 year old Grace weighs only 56 lbs. It takes her 2 hours to reach her hut with heavy burden. There she will put on her school uniform and trudge the 1.5 miles to school. She will be late again. Thanks to you, now Grace's water-gathering chore takes a fraction of the time, and she is able to make it to school to learn, to hope, to dream.

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