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December 22, 2022

The Power of a Story

Dakota Wesleyan Education Students enrolled in Children’s Literature have been learning about culturally inclusive literature and the power of a single story. These future teachers recently participated in a book club with LBW fifth graders. The novel they read was A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, a dual narrative of two children living at different times in South Sudan. The novel centers around the hardships that families in South Sudan face in terms of access to clean water. From this story, a service-learning project was born.

Tressa Wede, DWU Education Department Professor, said, “The DWU/LBW reading partners spearheaded this project. We had a team of students responsible for creating posters and advertising materials, a group that recorded public service announcements and a podcast, and another team wrote the school announcements and newsletter article”.

Students planned and organized a coin drive to run prior to their “Walk for Water” event Dec. 8th. Carrying gallons of water, this group plans to walk 3 miles total around the DWU Fieldhouse indoor track. They hope to simulate the daily trek that students in South Sudan and other countries must make to bring water to their family. Students decided all money collected through coin donations will be sent to South Sudan School in conjunction with H2O for Life.
“The collaboration and teamwork that evolved through this service-learning project was unparalleled and I think all involved have learned invaluable lessons as well as the power of a story,” said Wede.

– Submitted by Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, SD

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Projects in Need

H2O for Life has many projects available all around the world, but here are 3 that are most in need right now. VIEW MORE

Kasozi Primary School

Uganda 509 beneficiaries

Kazozi Primary School is located in Nakasongola, Uganda, a dry cattle corridor. There are 500 students and 9 teachers currently at the school on a daily basis.

$630 needed (21%)

Kalangba Junction SLMB Primary School

Sierra Leone 518 beneficiaries

SLMB Primary School is one of the oldest and most prevalent primary schools in Kalangba Junction and its surrounding communities. This school was founded by the SLMB mission with the main aim of providing primary education to children in Kalangba Junction community and nearby communities. This school provides an opportunity for children to attend primary school without needing to migrate to big towns.The school started with an enrollment of 160 boys and 40 girls. There were 3 male teachers and no female teachers at that time. The school started under a single building that was partitioned into the various classes. There was no latrine facility at the school when it was founded.Presently, the school comprises of three buildings that are built with cement bricks and roofed with zinc. The school buildings are painted in yellow at the top and brown beneath. There is a temporal fence made with local sticks at the from entrance of the school. There are dwelling houses around the school compound and each of those houses are shaded with huge mango trees. The environment of this school is tidy except for the two-latrine area at the school. The use of the latrine facilities without water at the school is leaving the area in an unpleasant situation. There is a large playing field at the back of the school building where the pupils and other youth in the community play football or do other sporting activities. The soil formation of the field and the school is encompassed with a sand which is quite comfortable for the children to play.

$8,100 needed (100%)

Peas Samling Nama High School

Uganda 451 beneficiaries

Currently, Peas Samling Nama High School both houses and educates 451 students in Nama. While the students remain on campus year round, the water source has a tendency to run dry during the summer months leaving students without a reliable source of clean water. 

$1,800 needed (100%)