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H2O for Life's service-learning opportunity is designed to engage, educate, and inspire youth to become global citizens.

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  • Race 2 Reduce A local conservation opportunity
  • Meet Abby!

    We are excited to welcome and introduce the newest addition to our H2O for Life team, School Program Coordinator, Abby Collins!  Abby grew up in Lindstrom, MN and Graduated from the University of ...

    by Steve Hall
    Wednesday, 03 February 2016
  • Reach out to your local community

    Write a letter(s) to local businesses and corporations asking for donations. They love to partner with schools and non-profits due to the great impact it has on the members of the company and the comp ...

    by Steve Hall
    Tuesday, 26 January 2016
  • A clean drink of water

    Clean water! Thank you to St. Joseph Catholic School, TX for supporting this beautiful new well at St. Paul Secondary School in Uganda! ...

    by Steve Hall
    Wednesday, 20 January 2016
  • Inspiring Enthusiasm at North Branch

    Last week, North Branch Middle School kicked off their second round of events this school year for H2O for Life. The enthusiasm of the students is inspiring and has made me realize how participation ...

    by Brenda Pulju
    Monday, 18 January 2016
  • Fiava's Story

    Favia's story was sent to us by our wonderful implementing partner, Ugandan Water Project. Fiava is 16 years old and is the head girl at St. Jude's Nakasozi Primary School.   When I asked ...

    by Steve Hall
    Wednesday, 13 January 2016
  • Launching Our Card Project

    Our Cards are finished and we are ready to launch our project. Here is the flyer and images we created! Making a Difference This year Drawing students have partnered with h2oforlifeschools.org to he ...

    by Lara Wallace
    Thursday, 07 January 2016
  • Impact and Success in Kenya

    Story sent to us from one of our great implementing partners, Kenya Rainwater Association: The introduction of free primary education in Kenya led to an influx of pupils in the available schools and ...

    by Steve Hall
    Tuesday, 05 January 2016
  • Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope

    Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and HopeA book to empower youth to take action and change the world! K-6 Teaching children about the importance of empathy and tolerance from an early age has always been imp ...

    by Steve Hall
    Tuesday, 15 December 2015
  • Abington goes to Washington!

    Yesterday, December 8, 2015, the co-Presidents of Abington Senior High School’s H2O for Life Club had the honor and privilege of attending the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Water for the Poor Ac ...

    by Mary Rogers
    Monday, 14 December 2015
  • Selling Baked Goods to Upper Grades

    We are selling candy for H2o. We are raising money for people in a different country that need Toilets. The first customer bought a lot of candy $8. - Arthur  You can help to, if you buy stuff ...

    by William Lubansky
    Thursday, 03 December 2015
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