Volunteer to Help Lead: Board of Directors and More

H2O for Life is seeking individuals to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors and/or a committee. We are always looking for good candidates to fill vacancies and add depth to our organization, and applications are being accepted year-round. Learn more about the positions please contact Doug Niemela at doug@h2oforlifeschools.org.

H2O for Life Board of Directors Job Description


Established in 2007, H2O for Life is a non-profit focused on educational youth engagement through service learning, providing funding support for water, sanitation and hygiene education projects (WASH in Schools) to schools around the world. It is H2O for Life’s vision to be the leader in development of youth “global citizens” who through action, provide funds to implement WASH in Schools and provide solutions for the global water crisis.  H2O for Life is governed by an elected Board of Directors and operates with schools, youth groups and individuals, and an extensive network of NGO partners who implement WASH projects. The primary functions of the Board of Directors are to drive the multi-year strategic plan, provide overarching program support, lead governance and compliance, raise awareness of (and solicit engagement for) H2O for Life and  H2O for Life events, and advance development through cultivation of individual and institutional partners/donors. Directors serve three year terms, and may be elected to continue on the board for multiple terms.

The Board consists of up to 15 members and Board members spend on average 2 hours per month on H2O for Life related activities and work. New board members are recruited on an as-needed basis. H2O for Life is committed to promoting diversity and encourages all interested individuals to apply.



Board members are expected to:

  • Prepare in advance for and attend all board meetings, approximately 7 per year (minimum of 75% attendance is required) you may join meetings via computer or phone.
  • Respond in a timely and thoughtful manner to all H2O for Life board emails and communications.
  • Make a commitment to carry out the full board term (3 years).
  • Agree to assist in a specific area of interest, OR serve as an advisor/lead on a specific organizational need.
  • H2O for Life is a working board. Each member is expected to participate in board events and initiatives.
  • Approve and monitor long-range plans as formulated by the Board and volunteers
  • Establish, monitor, and disseminate organizational policies.
  • Assure that H2O for Life meets all legal obligations including internal compliance with H2O for Life’s Articles of Organization and Bylaws and registration with the Attorney General and IRS.
  • Approve and monitor all financial matters as directed by the Board Treasurer or other board representative.
  • Provide volunteer assistance on H2O for Life governance tasks outside of board meetings, as needed.
  • Recommend qualified prospective board members and ensure effective orientation and mentorship of new members.

Commitment to Mission and Programs

Board members are expected to:

  • Promote awareness of H2O for Life and its activities in the community and workplace.
  • Recruit H2O for Life members, volunteers, and individual financial supporters.
  • Recruit pro bono expertise and talents to further the work of H2O for Life.
  • Have fun volunteering!


The Board of Directors is fully involved in fund-raising and development on behalf of H2O for Life and it is expected that H2O for Life be one of all board members’ most important philanthropic priorities.  Participation includes:

  • Maintaining an active membership.
  • Making an annual personal financial contribution to H2O for Life. 
  • Identifying and inviting individual prospects to become members or contributors to H2O for Life.
  • Supporting H2O for Life through attending hosted events and making asks on H2O for Life’s  behalf for prospective sponsorships