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Gritty novices climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity


United Nations Association – SDG 6: Taking on the Global Water Crisis with Patty Hall

Childhood Education Magazine: Local Service as a Gateway to Global Citizenship: One student’s story from H2O for Life

One Toilet and a Spigot for 600 Students: Maury Students Raise Money for South African High School

Sturgis students to participate in Freshwater Project

TCU Lonsdale raises funds for Kenyan school with no water source

ABC News covers H2O for Life

Minnesota NBC affiliate covers the Matoska Walk for Water

H2O for Life co-founder Patty Hall in the National Education Association magazine (neaToday).

Reader’s Digest covers H2O for Life as a part of its “Make It Matter” series.

NBC’s Today Show features Highview Middle School’s efforts with H2O for Life as a part of its “Making It Matter” series.

H2O for Life volunteer Isabel Birkeland accepts the 2018 Environmental Leadership Award from the Lions Club