Water Guardians Curriculum

Water Guardians is a free web-based curriculum consisting of five virtual lesson plans that will take your students on a journey from the start of the Mississippi River, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and off to other parts of the world. During this time, you and your students will learn about the 

global water crisis and be inspired to make changes in your own communities and beyond. The web-based program is Google Classroom compatible and was designed to be flexible in order to meet a variety of needs and timelines. To learn more, click the button below.


H2O for Life High School Fellowship 

This fellowship program is designed for high school students interested in changing the world! Students will be developing their leadership skills and exploring careers in nonprofits, the water sector, environmentalism, and international development. Students will meet monthly with a group of peers to learn from experts in the field who are out there changing the world. It is an excellent chance to earn service hours, connect with like-minded students across the country, and find some direction in where you want to go next. To learn more, click the button below.


Service Learning Mini-Grants

At H2O for Life, we don't believe that finances should be a barrier to participating in our enriching programming. If you and your students have a great idea for how to raise funds and awareness for your global partner school, then we want to support it! We will provide up to $500 in start-up funds for your students to support an H2O for Life Service-Project to raise funds for your global partner school. Learn more and apply for a grant by clicking on the button below. 


Lesson Plans

Need something in your classroom to get the conversation started with your students about the global water crisis? Explore our K-12 lesson plans! From cross-curricular reading guides to classroom activities, we want to provide easy-to-pick-up resources to facilitate the conversation in your classroom. Explore our lessons by clicking the button below.